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  • Go Hybrid - Introducing the New DICEweb by PPSI

    Go Hybrid - Introducing the New DICEweb by PPSI

    Add the DICEweb inkjet color engine to any flexo press and start making short-run jobs profitable.

  • Single-pass Inkjet Printhead Technology

    Single-pass Inkjet Printhead Technology

    PPSI works with leading drop-on-demand printhead manufacturers to provide high-speed digital printing for labelling, packaging, direct product decoration, and advanced manufacturing applications.

  • The most precise equipment for registering Circuit Boards

    The most precise equipment for registering Circuit Boards

    PPSI integrates its skills in CCD Camera Vision Systems, Mechanical Controls, and Software Design to produce the most reliable and precise equipment available in the market place.

If you need:

  • Industrial inkjet print solutions
  • Computer controlled manufacturing solutions
  • Answers to your complex manufacturing challenges
  • Access to specific engineering consulting services

PPSI has the experience, knowledge and technology to serve your industrial inkjet printing, manufacturing systems and manufacturing business needs.

Prototype & Production Systems Inc. (PPSI) is a worldwide provider of digital printing technology, factory automation, manufacturing technology, and manufacturing services.

PPSI was founded with the goal of providing high quality manufacturing solutions that embrace new technologies and meet customers' strategic needs. Whether you need industrial inkjet print solutions, custom automation, printed circuit equipment, post-etch punches and etch-resist printing solutions, Prototype & Production Systems has the expertise to meet your needs.

We'll meet your automation requirements without the overhead of an in-house staff. Our team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software developers and printing experts integrate machine vision, inkjet printing, computer & PLC technology, mechanical and material handling to develop process automation systems for high-volume production. Integrators can use our state-of-the-art components to develop leading edge systems that reduce costs, while end-users benefit from a quarter century of experience in manufacturing automation.