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DICEjet UV-curable Inkjet Inks

Custom formulated to your needs

DICEjet is a range of UV-curable inkjet inks that takes advantage of the latest developments in ink chemistry to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

From different label stocks and flexible packaging materials to cartonboard, to plastics, glass and metal objects, there is a DICEjet ink that meets the needs of the application. The DICEjet range includes LED-curable inks as well as inks designed with food safety and other specialist needs in mind.

Optimized to work with the recirculating ink system in the printheads used in DICETM industrial inkjet printers, each formulation of DICEjet ink typically requires a custom-tailored ‘waveform', used in the printhead to form the optimized droplets that ensure good printing performance.

DICEjet inks are extensively tested and guaranteed to be compatible with the materials used in the printheads and ink supply systems. Incompatibilities between the chemistry used in an ink and the materials used in the construction of a printhead can cause damage to printhead components, and the printhead will fall apart. Likewise, damage can occur to any part of the ink supply system, from the point of entry in the machine, to the printhead. There is also the possibility that the materials used in the printhead or ink supply system can cause the ink to gel or pigments to fall out of dispersion, blocking the ink supply or printhead.

As part of the ink development process, PPSI tests the compatibility of the ink with printheads, plus the components of the ink supply system in printers, to eliminate the possibility of ink incompatibility or damage. This is a time-consuming procedure, but vital to ensure ongoing machine reliability. PPSI ensures that the ink causes no damage to these parts, and that the ink remains uncontaminated.

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DICEjet Products

Product Application
Alpha General-purpose inkjet application
Alpha LED LED-curable at high speed
Beta High-adhesion ink for difficult substrates
Sigma X Low surface-tension inks for smoother graphics
Delta 'Hybrid-compatible' inks
Gamma Special-purpose applications e.g. EB-curing


PPSI Intellijet Ink

Quantity* Price
20 liter** Call for current prices
21-99 Call for current prices
100-399 Call for current prices
400+ Call for current prices

*Quantity pricing is per liter/per color/per order.
**Minimum order is 20 liters per color. We will need to communicate this to Innovative.

PPSI Intellijet Flush

Quantity* Price
4-20 liter Call for current prices
21-99 Call for current prices
100-399 Call for current prices
400+ Call for current prices

*Flush fluid must be ordered multiples of four liter packs. Flush fluid comes in one liter bottles.


PPSI Intellijet Ink

Part Number: Description
00-16284 Intellijet Cyan
00-16285 Intellijet Yellow
00-16286 Intellijet Magenta
00-16287 Intellijet Black
00-16288 Intellijet Flush

Normal delivery is 4-8 weeks. Prices and packaging subject to change