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DICE™ Industrial Inkjet Printer Payback Analysis

How to make short-run jobs profitable

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Anyone looking at a DICETM inkjet system will have a few financial questions before making a purchase decision. We will try to answer those questions for you here.

1.) What is the average total cost of a DICETM system?

For a DICETM system that prints 7.5" wide and employs the 4 process colors (CMYK) the average cost including training (but not installation) is $330,000 US.

2.) What is the average Payback of a DICETM system?

This depends on the type of work, the efficiency of the comparable flexo press, and inkjet ink use; but generally a DICETM system will pay for the entire purchase price in less than a year. Here's how.

For the average 4-color job you run on a DICETM you save the following:

  • 4 plates: $260.00 @ $65.00 each
  • Set-up: $120.00 1 hour @ $120/hr. No ink fountains, anilox rolls, plates to mount or registration
  • Clean-up: $ 60.00 0.5 hour @ $120/hr. No fountains, plates or rollers to clean

Total: $440.00

This ignores the cost of make-ready waste. Set-up time for a new DICETM job, with no substrate or die change, is a few minutes.

If the average job is 20,000 4-color labels sized 2" x 2.5" the added inkjet ink cost over flexo water based inks will be about $100.00 per job. Here the average savings per job is $340.00. If you run 3 jobs per day on the DICE™ unit it totals $5,100.00 savings per week (single shift, 5 days).

$5,100 x 50 weeks/year = $255,000.00 cost savings per year, for a payback of 15.5 months.

If you run 4 DICETM jobs per day the cost savings is $340,000.00 per year, bringing the payback period under one year.

If your average run is shorter, savings go up dramatically. Contact us for a detailed job cost estimator.

3.) What are my payment options?

DICE™ systems are available for lease or purchase.

Leasing: If you lease a DICETM system that costs $330,000 with nothing down for 5 years at 5.5% interest your monthly payment will be $6,303.00 per month. So moving just one job per day from a standard flexo press to a DICETM-equipped press saves you more than the monthly lease payment.

We would be glad to assist you with the leasing of a DICETM unit.