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    Inkjet Development Printers



One Printer Multiple Configurations

Take your ideas from concept to production

  • Materials and process development
  • Ink & functional fluid performance testing
  • Printhead performance testing
  • Cure lamp and pinning lamp testing
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Single pass inkjet printing is ideal for a wide variety of high-volume manufacturing applications. The DICElab Process Development Digital Printing Press is a modular print system that uses the proven DICEblade modular digital printing system to deposit inks and other fluids onto a variety of substrates. This enables manufacturers to quickly bring new inkjet applications from concept to production, using real world production printheads.

Additional applications include:

  • Visual inspection of roll-fed products
  • Narrow web product printing (e.g. labels, tickets, tags) with fixed or variable data and barcodes
  • Printing on 3D objects (with conveyor option)

Superior Technology

Many small web printers use cheap motors and pneumatic brake/clutch systems to control web speed and tension. The DICElab printer uses two core chuck servo blocks for precise web control to:

  • Run at constant linear web speed from the beginning of the roll to the end
  • Run forward and backward without removing material from the system, allowing the system to backup and review printing without removing material from a roll.
  • Provide precise tension control avoids damage to delicate substrates
  • Allow the introduction of additional processes such as coating stations and lamination stations while maintaining uniform web tension.

The DICElab is built up from a series of modules, so it is highly configurable and expandable. A basic configuration includes the following:

DICElab Video

  1. Two Core Chuck Servo Blocks
  2. Web Extension Block
  3. Machine base
  4. Frame with space for 10 DICEblades print module
  5. Supports multiple printhead types from leading manufacturers
  6. Motorized Printbar Mount (X-Z stage with theta cams)

Additional material user exchangeable transport options:

  • Conveyor
  • Slide-table

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