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With its unique DICETM color inkjet technology, PPSI pioneered the use of high-quality single-pass inkjet printing as an upgrade to an existing flexographic press. Now the same reliable inkjet engine is available as part of a customizable and modular roll-to-roll printing system: the DICEpress.

DICEpress is a complete, servo-driven, inline converting system for roll-fed materials. At its core is the DICETM inkjet print engine, available with either repairable 400dpi resolution or high-speed 1,200dpi resolution printheads. Both types of printheads feature automatic head-cleaning and ink recirculation systems that ensure high nozzle-reliability, and all DICEpress systems are available with up to 6 colors, and the capability of printing variable data, barcodes and graphics.


Narrow Web Wide Format
Purdue System: Printing up to 4 different elctronic materials on flexible substrates in research lab Lyle System: Web-to-print system to print signs up to 2 feet wide at a rate of over 14,000 sq.ft/hr (1,340sq.m/hr)
Custom Tooling
Nimbus: Automated printing of variable data from a database onto custom substrate, follwed by lamination, with a zero waste requirement.