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DICE™ Monochrome Printer

Add digital capabilities in-line

The DICE™ Monochrome digital printer adds one-color digital print capabilities to your existing processes. Leveraging the state-of-the-art DICEblade industrial inkjet printing technology this compact digital printer is the perfect size to fit in-line with production lines, converting lines, and existing printing presses. Whether your process is web based or on a conveyor, the DICE Monochrome printer’s design can work for you. It allows you to add variable data and other information to your products, labels and packaging. The DICE™ Monochrome printer is more affordable than other digital solutions and works on almost any substrate. The

The Monochrome digital printer is the fast, effective and efficient way to add digital print capabilities to your processes.

The DICE Monochrome Printer compact design easily integrates into your process. A basic configuration includes the following:

  • Printbar with with automatic printhead cleaning
  • Print Engine nest for easy access for maintenance
  • Motorized Precision Printbar Mount
  • Printheads from 400 to 1200 dpi. (User specified)
  • Print speeds from 52m/m (170ft/min) to 120m/m (400ft/min) (Printhead dependant)
  • Ability to run UV and UV-LED curable, solvent based and aqueous inks (Printhead dependant)
  • Modular Recirculating Ink Supply with Mount, Cables & Controls, supporting Autofill, Autoflush, Temperature & Flow Control
  • Control Rack with Power Supply, Bulk Ink Supply, PC & Software

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