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Components for Industrial Inkjet Integrators

PPSI is a worldwide provider of components for industrial inkjet integrators. Our state-of-the-art components include printheads and bars, inks, software, material handling and ink supplies. Because we are constantly innovating, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality inkjet components available. Our unique approach to design and engineering has created some of the easiest inkjet components to work with and maintain. We will work with you to make sure our components meet any and all of your industrial inkjet integration needs. Our solutions are flexible enough to easily integrate into your machine, allowing you to get to market faster, reduce production time, and lower costs.

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with inkjet components from PPSI
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Available Components

  • Printhead from Fujifilm, Kyocera, Ricoh, Xaar, Memjet and Konica Minolta
  • Printbars
  • DICEblade inkjet print modules
  • Printhead tending systems
  • MR-3000 Ink Supply
  • Datapath Electronics
  • Print Engine Software Components
  • UV-curable, organic solvents,
    aqueous, and latex Inks
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Simple Connections

  • Vacuum Connection
  • 24 Volt Power
  • RS-485 Ink Supply
  • USB Connection
  • Fire Wire Connection
  • Quadrature Encoder
  • In addition to this datasheet, several of the available inkjet components are described on the following web pages, others are not. Please contact PPSI for information on components not found on the web site.

    Modular Recirculation Ink Supplies

    Print Heads from 360 to 1600 dpi

    DICEblade Modular Inkjet Component

    Print Head Clean and Cap Systems

    Software components are also available

    Components for Inkjet Integrators