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The New PPSI Modular Recirculating Ink Supply

Expandable to Support from 1 to 12 Printheads

The PPSI Recirculating Ink Supply System is a compact, modular ink supply system designed for inkjet integrators who want to implement a "ready to run" ink supply system for industrial inkjet printheads with recirculation requirements. This is a 3rd generation recirculating ink supply system for piezo inkjet printheads such as the FujiFilm Dimatix, Samba, and Xaar 1003.

Each ink supply is a modular unit that can support between 1 and 12 printheads. The ink supply is a self-contained and designed to provide the maximum color performance of inks including UV, aqueous and solvent based. Each ink supply includes:

  • Ink supply control circuit board
  • Recirculation and vacuum pumps
  • Printhead supply block (one per printhead)


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The ink supply system can be controlled via a web browser on your own host computer. The system operates like a web server and is accessed via IP address and a web interface.

The MR-3000 ink supply is a hardcoat aluminum manifold that is mounted at a fixed height above the printheads. This manifold supplies ink at the correct pressure and temperature for the array of printheads. The ink supply manifold is composed of a series of printhead supply blocks that are bolted together. Each printhead supply block is dedicated to a single printhead. These printhead supplies can be added or removed, creating an ink supply that is the appropriate width for any specific application.