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Perfect for Packaging and Signs

The DICEtrax Conveyor Printer

The DICEtrax conveyor printer provides quality wide format digital printing on a variety of substrates for packaging, products, parts and signs applications. Unlike other digital printers the DICEtrax has a flexible configuration that allows printers to adjust their process from one print run to the next. This highly configurable print engine is so easy to maintain and operate you'll save thousands on service and maintenance costs.


Printhead get cleaned in place

Wide Format. Single Pass.
the DICEtrax digital printer
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The DICEtrax features the DICEblade print technology. The DICEblade is like a color station with room for a pinning lamp. The DICEblade contains the ink supply, drive electronics, printheads and automatic printhead cleaning system. The DICEtrax's automatic head tending system eliminates the need for manual operator intervention as the printheads get cleaned in place.

The DICEblade pulls out easily via a sliding rail for service. This provides complete access to both sides of the blade's printheads, drive electronics and ink supply. This design makes self-servicing simple, drastically reducing down time and eliminating maintenance contracts.

A Patent Pending Conveyor System

The DICEtrax features a segmented conveyor. The segmented conveyor provides the precise material handling required to produce high quality color images. The conveyor cannot drift from side to side or stretch lengthwise which means the substrate travels in a fixed position under the print engine. Each conveyor segment is also a vacuum chamber that holds materials in place as it moves along the printer leading to high quality in register images print after print.

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