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Custom Printing Solutions

DICECreative Custom Solutions Solving Unique Business Needs

Prototype & Production Systems Inc. (PPSI) is uniquely qualified to create custom inkjet printing systems. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, PPSI has built a wide variety of industrial printing applications and can provide custom-designed products specifically matched to your specifications. Our modular designs are easily customized to fit into your existing production line and simple to maintain and repair. Specially designed for ink testing, some systems allow users to change ink sets in as little as 5 minutes. We can rapidly configure a custom inkjet solution that will work for you.

Single Pass Printing

Because of its use of leading edge printheads, custom systems from PPSI represent a unique value proposition.  The printheads (such as the Xaar 1001 or Fujifilm Dimatix SG-1024) with their recirculating ink systems are much more reliable than older industrial printheads. This allows our custom systems to avoid the time wasted printing each pixel on the printed image multiple times. Because the printheads are reliable, the system has to print each pixel on the image just once instead of the 4 to 8 times that 'scanning head' printers with older heads must do. This gives our single pass systems a huge speed advantage - typically productivity for a single-pass system is tens of thousands of square feet per hour instead of hundreds for a scanning system.

Find out how a PPSI custom print solution can help you save time and money.