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The Art of Adopting Technology

Willard "Chuck" Raymond founded PPSI over 25 year ago with one goal in mind - provide high quality manufacturing solutions that embrace new technologies and meet customers' strategic needs. He has learned that when a new technology is introduced, there must be a counterbalancing high touch human response to support its adoption. To provide this touch, he has assembled a team of experts in industrial inkjet printing, automation, electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.


Over the past 25 years PPSI has helped clients adopt cutting edge technologies to improve productivity, reduce costs and open up new markets, in applications ranging from digital printing to machine vision and robotics. The DICE™ integrates the latest drop-on-demand inkjet technology, precise material handling, custom modular ink supplies, unique machine vision control system, custom operating software and automatic maintenance stations to deliver cost savings and productivity improvements over analog printing. DICE™ printers allow companies to respond to market demands for shorter runs, variable data printing, and faster turn-arounds.

"We’re saving about 70% in substrate costs overall, and we’re getting about 66% more jobs per day out the door."

- Topflight Corporation


PPSI supports the goals of manufacturers for ‘lean’ manufacturing with minimized waste and low environmental impact. The DICE™ printers allow manufacturers and print service providers to print only what is required, and to deliver orders ‘just-in-time’. This reduces waste and cuts inventory costs. DICE™ printers use UV-curable inks, with no VOCs to contribute to greenhouse gases; the cured ink is essentially a plastic that can be recycled.


The Right Ink

PPSI has the selection of UV-curable inkjet inks and the technical expertise to match your printing needs. PPSI DICEjet inks provide better consistency and reliability. DICEjet inks are matched to your substrates, coatings and printer by PPSI experts to ensure the highest quality and consistency. It doesn’t matter if you print the label today, tomorrow or a month from today - the colors look the same.


Support "IF" you need it

When you work with PPSI, you will work directly with the individuals who design, build and work with these technologies every day. The PPSI team will train your staff to be self-sustaining. Your team will be trained in every facet of your machine's operation, maintenance and setup, allowing you to operate without a maintenance contract. If you have issues, PPSI’s same-day telephone support and remote diagnostics will get your machine back into production with minimal downtime.

Contact PPSI today and start adopting the innovative technologies that keep you ahead of the competition.