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  • When Speed Matters

    When Speed Matters

    The DICEweb retrofit printer can be configured to run at speeds up to 400 fpm. The DICEweb is the BEST way to add digital capabilites to any flexo press. Start making short-run jobs profitable.

  • The Most Flexible Digital Printers

    The Most Flexible Digital Printers

    The DICEpress's modular design allows you to order the print width and tooling you need. Even after installation you can continue to add tooling and print width to the press.

  • Low Operating Costs

    Low Operating Costs

    DICE printers and presses have some of the lowest operating costs of any digital printers. As low as one tenth other brands.

  • High Quality. High Resolution.

    High Quality. High Resolution.

    The DICEblade technology delivers high quality print with registration accurate within 15 microns and resolutions from 400 to 1200 dpi.

  • Configurable


    The DICEblade technology is the most configurable digital print engine in the market. From the DICEweb retrofit, the DICEpress, and the DICEbase for converor application. There's a DICE digital print solution for you.

  • Quality Components for Inkjet Ingegrators

    Quality Components for Inkjet Ingegrators

    The State of the art in digital print

  • UV Inkjet Process Development

    UV Inkjet Process Development

    The DICElab Process Development Printer is a modular print system that uses the DICE™ inkjet sub-system to deposit inks and other fluids onto a variety of substrates enabling manufacturers to test new inkjet applications using real world production printheads.

  • DICEjet Inks - Custom fit for your needs

    DICEjet Inks - Custom fit for your needs

    DICEjet UV-curable inks are customized to your needs. From different label stocks and flexible packaging materials to cartonboards, to plastics, glass and metal objects, there is a DICEjet ink that meets the needs of your application.

Prototype & Production Systems Inc. (PPSI) is a worldwide provider of digital printing technology, factory automation, manufacturing technology, and manufacturing services.

The DICE print technology has been implemented in North America, Europe and Asia. The DICE has been retrofit to more presses, finishing equipment and production lines than any other digital printer.

PPSI was founded with the goal of providing high quality solutions that embrace new technologies and are tailored to meet customers' strategic needs. While we're not the biggest company, our size gives us an advantage in innovation and the ability to provide customers with personalized service and equipment. The same people that build your printer will help you keep it running year after year. Our focus is on your needs and how the DICE print technology can best work for you.

Whether you need an industrial inkjet printer, custom automation, printed circuit equipment, post-etch punches and etch-resist printing solutions, Prototype & Production Systems has the expertise to meet your needs.

We'll meet your requirements without the overhead of an in-house staff. Our team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software developers and printing experts integrate machine vision, inkjet printing, computer & PLC technology, mechanical and material handling to develop process automation systems for high-volume production. Integrators can use our state-of-the-art components to develop leading edge systems that reduce costs, while end-users benefit from a quarter century of experience in manufacturing automation.

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PPSI's innovative digital printer design, the DICEblade, has become the industry standard for industrial inkjet printing. The modular design makes the DICE digital printer the most flexible, accurate and fast digital printing press on the market.