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The Patent Pending DICEblade

DICEblade modular inkjet technology

DICEbase Industrial Inkjet Printer

The DICEblade modular inkjet system is an improved way to build large single-pass digital printing systems. The DICEblade improves image quality, system reliability and reduces mean time to maintain while providing the end user more flexibility to change their printing process to meet future requirements.

The DICEblade system combines existing industrial inkjet components into a flexible package perfect for a variety of digital print integrations from web printing to product decoration.

Features of the DICEblade

  • Improved Inkjet Reliability
    • Easy to access and service
    • Complete modules available to swap
  • The most Flexible inkjet solution
    • Change number of colors
    • Add/remove intercolor pinning
    Add digital print to your process or press
    with DICEblade digital print modules
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    • Use multiple printhead types in same machine
  • Obsolescence/Future Proof
    • Add blades with new print head types as they become available
  • Modular Design Provides from Narrow to Very Wide
    • Extremely compact design especially for wide systems

Why the DICEblade is Better

Print Quality

The DICEblade fits into mounts that are built into the lower roller assembly. All of the precision is built into the roller assembly. This avoids the difficulty of maintaining extreme precision over the top half of the print engine. It also avoids the challenge of moving the entire print engine and returning it exactly aligned with the rollers at each head tend operation. Print quality is improved due to the improved drop placement accuracy.


The DICEblade module can be easily and quickly removed for service, This allows complete access to both sides of each printhead, drive electronics and ink supply. The kinematic mounts allow the blade to be reinstalled in less than 1 minute. You can even keep a complete blade available as a spare part for a quick swap out if nearly instant mean time to repair is a requirement.

Process Flexibility

The Blade version of the DICEweb print engine will have spaces for 10 Blades. The Blades can be positioned as required by the customer. Each Blade is either an inkjet color or a UV pinning lamp. A printer using the DICEblade can be reconfigured in as little as an hour for example going from W+CMYK to CMYK+W simply by moving the white DICEblade module from the front of the process to the back. This allows the print engine to be reconfigured at the customer site as requirements change.

Smaller Footprint

Each DICEblade contains its own self-contained head tending system. This system cleans and covers the printheads while the blade is in place. This avoids the problems associated with moving the entire print engine to vacuum wipe the printheads. It also reduces the footprint required for the system.


Inkjet printhead technology is constantly evolving. PPSI offers the blades in configurations that support printheads from major manufacturers like Fujifilm, Xaar, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Memjet. The modularity of the blade design facilitates customers having options about when and how much of their printer they may choose to upgrade in the future with new printhead types and different configurations.


The DICEblade modular components can be combined to create a digital printer. Simply arrange the modules side by side either over an arch roller for web applications or on a flat frame for conveyor applications or parts printing. You can create up to a ten color digital print engine with one controller. Pictured is the DICEweb configuration, ideal for creating hybrid printers or add material handling for a complete press. Each DICEblade can be quickly accessed by simply pulling it out from the frame, meaning even the most centrally located components are easily in reach.

DICEbase 4 Color Print Engine
Created by stacking 4 DICEblades side by side over a conveyor, web, slide table or parts production line. Requires only one control system that can support up to 10 colors

DICEweb Color Print Engine
Created by stacking 10 DICEblades side by side over an arched roller system to hold web materials. Requires only one control system.