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General Automation

Unique Automation Solutions for Your Unique Needs

When you have a unique automation need you can’t take any chances. You need a machine that works the first time, every time. PPSI provides project resources, engineering, consulting and engineering outsourcing to clients in North America and around the world. We are experts at developing automation solutions that address the costs that are important to you: inventory, direct labor, indirect labor, information automation, and quality.

We provide you with the core technologies that are fundamental to flexible automation: simulation, controls, software & programming, and mechanical design. With these building blocks, and our practice in Machine Vision, we support complete projects - or any stage from conceptualization to installation and training.

Factory Automation RobotWe are manufacturing experts and robotics specialists – and this focus means we deliver the highest caliber solutions that will meet the unique needs of your business.

PPSI has the knowledge to provide you with industrial automation, automation software, automation systems, automation equipment, factory automation and process automation.




Find out how we can help you with your automation needs.