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Case Study - Optical Inline Web Inspector


PPSI's web inspection system captures high resolution color images at precise locations using image fiducials allowing for detailed inspection of problem areas in the manufacturing process.


PPSI developed a web inspection system which captures high resolution color images at precise locations from image fiducials. The system uses a high speed linear motor from AERO TECH to allow the system to inspect multiple webs moving at different speeds. The system features two fixed fiducial cameras, two web position encoders and a high resolution color camera with motorized 12x optical zoom and focus. An easy to use custom software package allows rapid programming.


The system allows the client greater flexibility in manufacturing by working on multiple webs at different speed. It identified problems in the manufacturing process immediately saving money on materials and labor. The detail provided by the high resolution color camera allowed the client to better identify and correct quality issues saving them time and reducing manufaturing down time.

To see a video of the Optical Inline Web Inspectior, Click Here