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DICEpress - Purdue University


Purdue University's Discovery Park was seeking state of the art inkjet printing technology that could be use to facilitate the development of smart manufacturing technologies. Purdue's goal is to build intelligence and communication into all kinds of consumer products by developing a smart manufacturing process. Purdue is on the leading-edge of developing computing and communication technologies that effectively integrated into a range of manufacturing techniques and consumer products in a scalable, economically sustainable way. Purdue was looking for a partner who could provide industrial inkjet capabilities flexible enough to support it's research and development mission.


The DICEpress system was an ideal fit. The system consists of a series of modules that come together to create an integrated printing system.  One of the benefits of this approach is that Purdue can build their own modules and insert them into the web path easily.  The system incorporates a unique arched printbar that allows excellent registration between different functional fluids.  The arched printbar has space that would allow Purdue researchers to integrate other components such as lasers.


The flexibility of the DICEpress system has allowed Purdue to pursue research across a larger array of products. This has allowed for greater utilization of the DICEpress machine across product types as well leading to efficiencies in the research and development effort.