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PPSI-12000 Ink Supply

Self-contained printing system based upon the Fujifilm Dimatix SG-1024 piezoelectric inkjet printhead.

The PPSI-12000 provides an easy way for OEMs and system integrators to quickly apply the Fujifilm Dimatix SG-1024 into a wide variety of applications.

The PPSI 12000 ink supply is a compact, modular ink supply design to supply inkjet compatible fluids at proper temperature and pressure to one or two inkjet print heads. The ink supply is unique in its design, providing ink recirculation through the input and output ports of the Fujifilm Dimatix SG-1024 print head. The internal pump/motor assembly provides self regulating fluid circulation without vibration or pulsation and minimizes shearing of ink.

Each ink supply is complemented by a support module (separate data sheet available) which provides the necessary functions for the control and filling of the ink supply. For multi-color applications, one ink supply is required for each primary ink color.

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Key Features / Benefits

  • Designed for recirculating type print heads
  • Small form factor, highly modular format
  • High reliability-few moving parts
  • Continuous filtering of recirculating ink when system is powered up
  • Regulates fluid temperature, pressure and levels
  • Proximity to printhead minimized heat loss through tubing
  • User replaceable components
  • Accurate temperature control to 65C, supports high temperature phase change inks
  • Integrated custom magnetically coupled pump with no moving seals (50,000 hour pump MTBF)
  • Easy mounting and quick disconnect forexternal connections
Datasheet PPSI-12000 Features:
  • Proven Ink-Supply,
  • Compact Size
  • Easy Integration
  • Multihead Registration

A single integrated printhead and ink supply can be applied to monochrome applications. Multiple intergrated ink supplies and printheads can be easily mounted in the multi-array carrer for quick and accurate color capability.