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DICEweb Digital Inkjet Products

Technology that grows with your needs

DICEweb industrial inkjet printerPPSI offers standard systems in two frame sizes, Small and Large. The Small frame (DICEweb-15") can print widths of 2.5” to 15”. The Large frame (DICEweb-20") prints up to 20” wide. You can populate either frame size with the minimum number of heads needed to get you started. Then add more print width as needed without any hardware modifications other than inserting a few print heads. This allows you to gain experience with digital inkjet printing at a reduced cost while leaving the option open for increased capability later.

For example:
If you have a 13" wide press you can start with a Small frame populated 3 heads wide (7.5" print). The frame is pre-drilled for the addition of 2 more lanes of print heads, which can be added at any time.

Each frame is also pre-fabricated to accommodate up to 6 colors of print. Typical users will start with four (CYMK) colors. The additional two colors are commonly used for White, spot varnish, or special PMS color matches.

Choose the DICEweb that's right for you

DICEweb - 15"
(Small Frame)
DICEweb - 20"
(Large Frame)
DICEweb - Custom
1 to 6 colors.
For image widths up to 15"
1 to 6 colors.
For image widths up to 20"
1 to 6 colors.
For image widths over 20"
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DICE™ Digital Inkjet Printer Mounted on a Flexo Press
Digital Inkjet Printer on a flexo press

Available Print Widths
Model Frame Size Heads Wide Print Width (mm) Print Width (inch)
15 inch Small 1 63.5 2.5
15 inch Small 2 127.0 5.0
15 inch Small 3 190.5 7.5
15 inch Small 4 254.0 10
15 inch Small 5 317.5 12.5
20 inch Large 6 381.0 15.0
20 inch Large 7 444.5 17.5
20 inch Large 8 508.0 20.0

Note: Extra-wide arrays (up to 30 inches or more) are available by special order.

DICE™ II dimensioned drawing For more information click here for a Datasheet or click here to Contact Us for a detailed discussion about adding inkjet capability to your equipment.

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