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DICEweb Digital Inkjet Products


DICEweb industrial inkjet printer

The new DICEweb system adds color digital inkjet capability to any existing press. The system includes everything required to convert a flexo or offset press into a digital hybrid press. Print small jobs 100% digitally, avoiding setup expense. Print larger jobs with traditional analog process, except now with color variable data capability. Preserve your investment in downstream processes and web handling by adding inkjet to your existing equipment. The innovative DICEweb is available with resolutions of 400, 600, 1200, and 1600 dpi.

Low operating costs & cost per print. High return on investment.

DICEweb printers are designed for applications that require low cost per print with high print quality. We accomplish this in two ways:

  • By using long life inkjet print heads that do NOT need periodic replacement
  • By supplying high quality UV ink at a low cost.

Typically, the DICEweb cost per print can be ¼ to 1/10 the cost of competitors' systems. While the capital investment in the DICEweb may be higher, lower operating and maintenance costs help our customers to get a greater profit per piece, shortening the payback period and increasing the return on investment.

Choose the DICEweb that's right for you

DICEweb - 15"
(Small Frame)
DICEweb - 20"
(Large Frame)
DICEweb - Custom
1 to 6 colors.
For image widths up to 15"
1 to 6 colors.
For image widths up to 20"
1 to 6 colors.
For image widths over 20"
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Custom & Flexible

With the DICEweb you will always get the printer built to your needs. Because of its modular design you can specify the image width, number of colors, curing process and any pre-coating or pre-treating requirements you have. We test the entire process for you prior to getting your DICEweb system so you can be confident it will work for your application. The DICEweb is custom mounted in-line with your existing press. The DICEweb is so flexible that even after we install it you can add colors and capabilities to the existing printer without having to buy a new one.


The DICEweb is engineered to operate in the dust and dirt of a typical work environment. The DICEweb's design is durable and easy to understand which allows your team to self-service the printer without an expensive service contract and avoiding downtime. The DICEweb features vacuum printhead cleaning system that help keep the printheads clean and avoids jet outs.

The recirculating ink supplies insure precise control of temperature, pressure and flow rate, reliable jetting and freedom from print defects caused by ink supply variations. They deliver consistent ink performance as the ink is continually filtered, mixed and freed of air bubbles, avoiding ink outgasing and viscosity changes.

Some of the other benefits of the DICEweb inkjet printer are:

  • No click charges
  • No required service contract
  • Eliminates duplicate material handling
  • Extends life of existing tooling and analog presses

We have one of lowest cost per image of any digital printer.

DICE™ Digital Inkjet Printer Mounted on a Flexo Press
Digital Inkjet Printer on a flexo press

Available Print Widths
Model Frame Size Heads Wide Print Width (mm) Print Width (inch)
15 inch Small 1 63.5 2.5
15 inch Small 2 127.0 5.0
15 inch Small 3 190.5 7.5
15 inch Small 4 254.0 10
15 inch Small 5 317.5 12.5
20 inch Large 6 381.0 15.0
20 inch Large 7 444.5 17.5
20 inch Large 8 508.0 20.0

Note: Extra-wide arrays (up to 30 inches or more) are available by special order.

DICE™ II dimensioned drawing For more information click here for a Datasheet or click here to Contact Us for a detailed discussion about adding inkjet capability to your equipment.

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