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Industrial Inkjet Printing

Inkjet Printing for Late Stage Customization

DICEbase Industrial Inkjet Printer

Industrial inkjet printing solutions from PPSI are designed to serve the needs of manufacturers who;

  • Need mass customization of parts
  • Want to add customization to their web-based printing system
  • Need to add color and improve resolution
  • Want to add an image on their products

Our digital inkjet printer systems are built on the field-proven and modular DICEbase print engines. They provide manufacturers with the flexibility to print high resolution color images on a wide variety of substrates, and to print short-runs and variable data. Our Industrial Inkjet print solutions are durable, reliable and designed to be robust enough to operate in harsh manufacturing environments.

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Standard Inkjet Printer Systems Include:

  • Color flatbed printers for industrial part marking
  • Etch-resist printers for digital lithography
  • Roll-to-roll digital web presses for packaging applications

The Inkjet Solution Stack

PPSI supplies everything from inkjet components and consumables, through DICEbase and DICEweb print engines to complete custom printers and presses, either stand-alone or integrated with existing production equipment, robots, or machine vision systems.

Inkjet Solution Stack

Inkjet Printer Components for Integrators

Building your own inkjet system?  OEMs, machine builders, researchers and inkjet integrators can leverage our experience by using our innovative modular inkjet components.  PPSI offers a modular set of components at reasonable prices that allow machine builders to develop their own custom systems.  Available are all the components necessary to develop your own inkjet system including state of the art printheads, ink supplies, image data path electronics, motion control, roll to roll material handling, conveyor based material handling, table based material handling, and UV curing along with expert engineering.  Machine builders are free to use as much or as little of these well documented components they see fit.

Often a particular inkjet application may involve a custom piece of engineering that the machine builder desires to perform in-house to maintain control of the intellectual property.  The machine builder can maintain control over the proprietary pieces of the application by performing those in-house.  They can avoid having to "reinvent the wheel" for the pieces of the application that are relatively generic by selecting components that are available from PPSI.  Please feel free to contact us if you are in the situation where you need to make your development budget go further.