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DICEbase Expandable Inkjet Print Engine

The State-of-the-art for Single-pass Inkjet Printing

The DICE™ print engines from PPSI have been developed for high-speed single-pass inkjet printing applications. Capable of over 180ft/min at 400dpi, they represent the state of the
art for single-pass inkjet printing systems.

DICEbase Series - These are flat print engines for singlepass conveyor or web applications. These print engines print in width increments of 2.5 inches (63.5mm) up to a maximum of 10 inches (254mm) wide for model 4W, 20 inches for model 8W and 30 inches (508mm) wide for model 12W. They print at 400 dpi. They have been designed to allow the addition of printheads in the field to increase print width up to their maximum width. These print engines can incorporate optional head tending and height adjustment for easy integration and high reliability. The proven head tending capability eliminates dependence upon manual operator intervention.

New DICEbase Technology -These print engines with the following speed/resolution options:

  1. 180 ft/min, 4 level grey scale, 400 dpi x 400 dpi, 7.4μm max coating per color
  2. 150 ft/min, 4 level grey scale, 400 dpi x 400 dpi, 11μm max coating per color with 30-80pl drop size*

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High Jetting Reliability DICE™ print engines include recirculating ink supply systems that provide a constant supply of fresh ink at each nozzle. This increases jetting reliability by automatically recovering from 'jet-outs' caused by mechanical shock or by air bubbles in the ink.

Accurate Arrays of Replaceable Printheads DICE™ print engines include large arrays of piezoelectric drop-on-demand ('DOD') printheads. High accuracy print bar and precision alignment surfaces eliminate the need for time consuming mechanical printhead adjustments when replacing a printhead.

Modular Control System - For the recirculating ink supplies, drive electronics, and software for image generation. The system has been designed as a set of modules that mount in standard 19 inch electronics racks. Separate modules allow for greater system flexibility and quick maintenance.

Powerful and Flexible Software and Hardware System DICE™ print engines include a complete system of hardware and software to go from common computer image file formats to printed images on a wide variety of substrates.

Long Lasting Piezoelectric Printheads - The DICE™ print engines are based upon state of the art piezoelectric printheads from leading manufactures. The printheads are equipped with coated metal nozzle plates to withstand abrasion and resist damage, it is removable for cleaning or replacement. These printheads typically operate for years before needing to be replaced.

Wide Variety of Inks - The DICE™ print engines have been qualified with a wide variety of inks. These include aqueous, solvent and UV and UV-LED curable inks. Application areas include product decoration, packaging, graphics and labels, ceramic tiles, plastic films, outdoor and indoor signs, printed circuit board legends, and functional fluids.