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DICE™ Custom Parts Printer

Pad Printer Replacement

This custom application of theDICE™ UV Inkjet technology demonstrates the innovative ways the experts at PPSI have applied the DICE™ technology to replace slow and labor-intensive analog printing systems, avoiding the need for the production of clichés or screens.

The system is designed to print on two sides of a complex plastic part, using a durable UV-curable ink. A high-speed robot accurately places the parts onto a custom conveyor. The parts are automatically aligned and corona-treated before printing, to improve ink adhesion and appearance. Two piezoelectric inkjet printheads create the text and graphics at 400dpi resolution. The parts move past UV-LED cure lamps where the ink is cured instantaneously.

The system integrates directly into the customer's existing manufacturing line. This makes it an easy fit into the factory, minimizing the impact on the production workflow.

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