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Artwork Punch

The most accurate feature rich artwork punch available for PCB manufactures seeking a competitive advantage.

The PPSI Artwork Punch punches tooling slots precisely aligned with the best fit center of each photo-tool. Photo-tools that do not meet scale specifications are not punched.

The system incorporates precision fixed tooling and a unique motion system to achieve unmatched accuracy. At time of order, customers may specify the punch and target locations they desire. Operators can easily change between panel sizes using a simple graphic interface.

Most customers find that the 4 camera inspection results drive yield improvements that generate dramatic payback .


  • Unique motion mechanism for unmatched positioning accuracy.
  • Advanced machine vision finds low contrast targets in complex locations.
  • Fixed Tooling yields unparalleled punch reliability and cut quality


  • CCD cameras in each corner locate fiducials reliably and consistently.
  • Software algorithms measure the growth of the film and notify the operator if the film is out of spec.
  • Fixed tooling locates punched holes accurately to within a micron.
  • Advanced clamping system eliminates film movement during the punching process.
  • Compact design minimizes the space required.
  • No hydraulics.
  • One-touch operator set-up.
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