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Post Etch Punch

The most accurate, feature rich, post etch punch available.

For manufacturers of high technology circuit boards who need, sub 2 mil angular ring, high yield after lamination, high layer counts, and sub-laminations with blind and buried vias, the PPSI-8800 Post Etch Punch will make registration accuracy a competitive advantage.

Unlike traditional post etch punches with a simple 2 camera alignment and 5 mil motion repeatability, the PPSI-8800 Post Etch Punch drives yield improvements that generate dramatic payback because of our 8 camera front-to-back inspection system and one micron motion repeatability. The PPSI-8800 is the only Post Etch Punch that offers separate punches for sub-lamination.

More Value.

The PPSI-8800 Post Etch Punch is so accurate that it is delivers more than just superior registration.

The PPSI-8800 is an inspection and process monitoring tool, driving print, develop, etch, strip and lamination processes towards improved registration.  Customers have found it to be invaluable in identifying ways to improve process and reduce waste.

Our post etch punch helped a customer identify a top to bottom registration issue with an LDI printer. Through the data generated by the PPSI-8800, the customer was able to accurately identify the issue and get the printer manufacturer to make the appropriate adjustments.

The PPSI-8800, through inspection, helped a customer identify that their artwork plotter was out of sync. They now use the PPSI-8800 to calibrate the artwork plotter and reduce processing time and waste.

Manufacturers who want to grow their bottom lines need to look for investments that streamline their operations. Stop wasting and start saving with the unmatched precision of the PPSI-8800 Post Etch Punch.

Most customers find that the 8 camera inspection results drive yield improvements that generate dramatic payback.


The PPS-8800 Post Etch Punch punches tooling slots precisely aligned with the best fit center of each inner-layer. Inner-layers that do not meet scale and front to back registration specifications are not punched.

The system incorporates precision fixed tooling and a unique motion system to achieve unmatched accuracy. At time of order, customers may specify the punch and target locations they desire. Operators can easily change between panel sizes using a simple graphic interface. Manual, Semi-manual or automatically loaded high speed versions are available.

  • Unique motion mechanism for unmatched positioning accuracy.
  • High-speed ballistic punch for unmatched cut quality.
  • Advanced machine vision finds low contrast targets in complex locations.
  • Fixed Tooling yields unparalleled punch reliability and cut quality.


  • 8 cameras per panel size yields best fit registration on the top and bottom side.
  • Fixed tooling enables 1 micron repeatability and accuracy.
  • Precision motion control eliminates registration and punch error.
  • Ergonomic material loading.
  • The die set is easily removed for sharpening.
  • Panel clamping system eliminates error due to warpage.
  • Advanced software system for one touch operator set-up.
  • Offset top to bottom cameras locate fiducials on diverse types and thicknesses of laminate.
  • No hydraulics.

To see a video of the Post Etch Punch, Click Here

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